How does the Guild benefit the crafter? Insurance has become an important concern for all crafts people. The Guild supplies a public liability insurance policy for all guild members while selling at the Christmas Craft Festival and other major shows. This is a very important perk for all members. How can I participate? The Christmas Craft Festival is a "members only" show and all participants must be juried before becoming a member of the Guild. A committee appointed by the membership does the jurying. After your crafts have met the standards of the Guild, you are then offered membership and show applications. What is the cost? Annual membership is presently $40.00.Single booth space (10 X 6) $245.00 and taxes are included in these prices.Please feel free to contact either standards committee member to find out more information about the Guild or to make an appointment to have your crafts juried. This is really a painless procedure! We welcome all craftspeople and wish to continue to supply an excellent variety of crafts to the public during our Christmas Craft Festival.  Contact: Marg Gagnon (President): Tel: 902-462-7627 Fax: 902-462-1641 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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The Christmas Craft Show 10.25.2014 12:00 184 Days