About Us

 The Dartmouth Handcrafters Guild was originally formed as a non-profit group by six craftspeople in 1974. The Guild has grown through the years to over 170 craftspeople. Our Christmas Craft Festival provides an opportunity for craftspeople to market a wide variety of crafts and meet other crafters and discuss ideas and issues in producing their crafts. The major function of the Guild is to produce a Christmas Craft Festival that is held at the Zatsman Sportsplex in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It takes place during the last full weekend of October and is the first major craft show of the season. We take deep pride each year in donating our net proceeds to local charities that have been selected by our members.  Volunteers operate the Guild and meetings are held the third Tuesday of January (AGM), May, June, September, October, & November January is the month for our Annual General Meeting. Meetings are held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. Our AGM for 2020 will be held Saturday 25 January.   

DHG Gives Back - As stated above the Guild gives a portion of its net proceeds to a chosen charity each year. This is a tradition of which we are very proud.  Listed below is a list of the various charities we have given to since 2008.  The amount donated is directly reflective of the net proceeds earned in a given year. Charities are invited to write to the guild requesting a donation and the board makes a choice each year based on the applications submitted.  Since 1994 the guild has donated over $208,000 to various charities in Nova Scotia. 




DHG Gives Back

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